Kosht Urada Price of the state. Simply about our budget.

Сalculation Methodology

All information on Kosht Urada is based on budget documents available on official Belarusian government websites. The calculations are done in accordance with the current Belarusian legislation.

What do you pay for?

The calculator in What do you pay for? helps you to gauge how much you pay for state-provided services. People usually think that they contribute to the state budget only when they pay income tax and social security tax (if they don’t own a business or are not individual entrepreneurs). However, if reality we pay indirect taxes each time we buy excise products (alcohol, cigarettes) and when we buy any other products which price includes VAT (value-added tax). When we rent an apartment or take a loan in a bank, we also contribute to the budget. Therefore the state budget is made of all our contributions and is spent according to the priorities determined by politicians.

Using the How much do you pay? tool, you can calculate the tax burden for each of us, citizens of Belarus. To calculate your individual contribution to state coffers, enter the information about your net salary (what you receive after all taxes are paid), your expenditures per month (if you spend all you earn, this number will be the same as your net salary), and then individual expenses such as your monthly rent, car fuel, alcohol and cigarettes. The calculator will show your balance, which means how much during a typical 8-hour workday you work for the state and how much for yourself; and also how much you pay taxes (including excise tax and VAT) you pay to the state.

Buy your own state

Buy your own state is an online shop for state services which illustrates the services Belarusian state provides and how much they cost. In the shop, you have a unique chance to choose which services you would want from “your” state and for which you would not pay a single ruble. The program will calculate the cost of “your” state and tell you whether it is more or less expensive than the current one.

You can select the level of each state service by moving the slider from its current position to either zero or 200 per cent. Choosing 200 per cent means you want to double the level of this service, 100 percent – that you want to keep the current level, 50 per cent – that the state should cut the expenditures for this service in half, and zero – that the state should not pay for this service at all.

When you press Buy you will see how much “your” state would spend, and also what the savings would be per person and per working person in Belarus.

Inforgraphics: the state spending

Inforgraphics illustrate all state expenditures which are financed through taxes and other contributions. We hope it makes it easier to understand the connection between different state expenditures and their comparative size.

The circles represent general expenses of the public sector, as well as the expenses of local authorities and the Social security fund. They also show the total revenues of the state sector.

The bill for government services

The bill resembles a receipt that you get in a store. Only it shows how much you pay for the state services and how your money is spent. The bill includes main state services and their cost per person. Using the bill, you can for example calculate how much the government should raise taxes per individual if they want to increase pensions by 10 per cent.

Consolidated public debt

The public debt is calculated on the basis of the indicators of Special Data Dissemination Standard. The national debt counter displays these calculations in an artistic form.