Kosht Urada Price of the state. Simply about our budget.

About The Project

What is Kosht Urada (The Price of the State)?

“Kosht Urada” is the interactive website which shows in convenient and simple form where money in our state budget comes from and how it is spent.

For whom Kosht Urada is made?

For everyone interested in state – which means ours – finances. You think nothing depends on your taxes and your contribution (or the lack of it) is not important? You don’t really notice how much taxes your employer pays for you? You think it’s too complicated and boring to try to understand?  

We are ready to show you that it is not at all boring and in fact quite entertaining! Using Kosht Urada you can, for example, calculate how much of you workday you work for yourself, and how much – for our common moneybox called the state budget. You can even put together a state budget according to your preferences and compare it with the real one. Want to know how much you paid for militia and how much - for defense this year? Here’s your receipt!

Why would I want to know this?

When you know what resources are at the government’s disposal, you can better understand the decisions it makes for our present and future life.

Why a separate website is needed for this, doesn’t all this information already available somewhere?

First of all, on Kosht Urada all information is in one place – you don’t have to search many official websites for it. Second, the information is presented in the way that is easy to understand: per person and per working person. This way you can compare it with your personal budget and see what you get for your taxes and other contributions. For example, you can see how much from our taxes is spent annually for schools and universities, and how much on the officials’ salaries.

Where did you get the original data and how did you make your calculations?

Here is the description of our methodology and the sources.

Who and why runs this project?

We are the team of the project called BIPART which is a part of the School of young managers of public administration SYMPA. Our goal is to help to make our government more transparent and efficient, and to help everyone better understand the decisions it makes. When we understand where the government gets money and how they spend it, we can see how well the government runs the country and suggest our own ideas how to do it better. 

What’s the use of your project for the government?

We believe that when citizens understand well that state budget is made of all our individual contributions, they have better sense of personal responsibility for it. And when they understand how the money is spend they not only have better appreciation for state-provided services, but also are ready to demand better quality and efficiency of these services.

OK, got it. What next?

Kosht Urada is a website for all of us. If you want to know more about our numbers and tools, suggest a new way to present information, or you wrote an article about public money and want to publish it on Kosht Urada – contact us and we will gladly discuss all the ways we can cooperate.

If you want our team to come to your class, seminar or training to show all the great ways Kosht Urada can be used for learning – write us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.